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Charles Silva of Decatur, AL

Murray Kaufman of Irvine Park, CA

Sandra B Lloyd of San Francisco, CA

Tanya Kuschnitzky of Marietta, GA

Rosalie Epstein of Northbrook, IL

Alaya Ketani of Ashland, OR

Susan Webber of Glendale, AZ

Harry Kroner of Prescott, AZ

Janece Hoopes of Provo, UT

Audrey Sussman of New York, NY

Katherine Lorensen of Middlebury, CT

Brenda L Gray of Plainfield, IL

Deborah J McKenna of Peoria, IL

Anna Bush of Olean, NY

Kelly Tallaksen of Levitttown, NY

Danny Jackson of Orlando, FL

Janet Berg of Lebanon, OH

Molly Ferguson of Metairie, LA

David B. Fisher of Albuquerque, NM

Edward Rupert of Fort Collins, CO

Sarah Ellis of Boise, ID

Dena Ray, PhD of Wayland, MA

Harley Sears of Kansas City, MO

Thomas W Smith of Georgetown, OH

Shirley Geer of Fairhope, AL

Carol Henderson of Overland Park, KS

Salvatore Martone of Southbury, CT

James Einert of Clarksville, AR

LeRoy Cheyney of Boise, ID

Richard Busch of Pittsburgh, PA

Guy Cassingham of Emery, GA

Kali Korogy of San Diago, CA

Marissa Leib of Tucson, AZ

Susan Sawyer of Hendersonville, NC


10 Commandments

to a Positive Mind

What happens when you feel overwhelmed, stressed out, and stuck in anxiety and frustration?
You can either spiral down farther in negativity or you can spiral up to a positive mind.
Today I am going to share with you the 10 commandments to a positive mind, simple to follow and easy to start now.

1. Thou shall say Stop out loud!
2. Thou shall look up left toward the sky
3. Thou shall take responsibility for own thoughts
4. Thou shall take deep breathes
5. Thou shall smile
6. Thou shall listen to motivational music
7. Thou shall list 10 things you are grateful for daily
8. Thou shall say positive words
9. Thou shall help another person in need
10. Thou shall remember you are a miracle

Each commandment is a simple way to get you out of your head and in the present. In Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, I would often hear, the mind is not a safe place to go without a sober friend.
Negative thinking is a learned behavior and habit from our environment. Therefore as with any new habit, it takes commitment and choice to focus on what your words and thoughts are. What you think, what you say is creating your experience.
Choose to make them Positive!

Written by Leesa Myers 

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